Icon Sizing Win10 SP3 and Network WiFi issues

Discussion in 'Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3' started by dajogejr, Aug 6, 2015.

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    So, scaling is working from dock/monitor to tablet...sort of.
    Icon sizing on the desktop, it either works docked on the 23" screen, or on the tablet screen.
    When I go from dock to free hand, it doesn't refresh.

    If I restart the SP3 either on the dock or off, it resizes the icons sizing perfectly.
    I do have the latest driver from Intel installed...no other updates needed/ready right now.

    Second and possibly more annoying issues.
    The SP3 simply will not remember wireless connections and connect to them automatically.
    Uninstalled drivers, reboot, reinstalled from MS for the Marvel adapter.

    If I manually connect to them (it does remember the security password) all is well.
    But any time the computer is moved from home to work, off the dock etc, I have to manually connect WiFi.

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    Yes, I have that icon size issue too. I carry it as a tablet at work and use closing the type cover to enter sleep. When I gat home and plug into a 27" monitor the icons are huge, and have to use IE's "Not connected to a network" page's Fix Problem button or disable/enable the wireless adapter (or re-boot) to connect to my home WiFi.

    But, at work it stays connected to out WLAN as I move from one area to another, going in and out of sleep much better than Win8. So you win some, you lose some.

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