Installed an ArmorSuit on my Pro 3.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by NClens, Jun 8, 2015.

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    I noticed that I am starting to get a lot of scratches on the metal surface of my Pro 3, despite me placing the tablet into a sleeve when traveling. I have an ArmorSuit covering for my phone, which I found easy to install due to the wet vs. dry application. For those not familiar, a wet install involves coating the clear protector with a spray (not sure what's in it but it is non-toxic), placing the wet protector on the device, sliding it around to ensure it's fitted properly, and using a squeegee tool to smooth everything out. This allows the cover to be adjusted during the install process and makes it much easier to remove bubbles. I figured for $20, I should try it on my Pro 3 despite the thought of putting a wet film on a $1000+ device making me nervous. It fit perfectly and actually makes may Surface a little bit more grippy. The only slight downside is that it changes the look from a matte surface to something more glossy (like coated marble vs. unfinished marble). Also, I didn't put on the protector on the Surface's screen as I have heard it doesn't work well with the pen. I thought this would be of some interest to those who don't view a little wear and tear on their devices as beauty marks.

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    I use the same product but from a different brand: Skinomi Techskin. This is a really good thing you can use on your Surface. I can say that the screen protector that comes with the Techskin is not much pen-friendly - I use it anyway and feel good about it -, but that's not true for every screen protector. I would apply it if I were you. If you don't like, just remove it.

    I posted about a product like the one you described on another forum. I think everyone would be pleased to know the existence of such protector for the Surface. Once or twice I saw my friends almost rubbing the Surface on a table, but I was not worried since mine is protected.

    Nice topic. Hope our Surface will remain with no scratches. ^^

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