Magic: The Gathering AAA RPG Announced for PC and Consoles

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    Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced today that they are currently developing a new AAA RPG based on Wizards of the Coast’s strategic card game, Magic: The Gathering, for both PC and console. As yet that’s pretty much all the information that we have on the new game, as Perfect World says that it will be releasing additional details and the game’s official title at a later date.

    Massively popular strategy card game Magic: The Gathering sees players taking on the role of Planeswalkers, who are powerful mages that can travel between planes, cast spells, and summon mythical creatures. The card game has more than 20 million fans in more than 70 countries, and the forthcoming PC and console game will give them the chance to immerse themselves in the Multiverse, the world in which Magic: The Gathering is set.

    The partnership between Perfect World, Cryptic Studios, and Wizards of the Coast, is responsible for the incredibly popular Neverwinter PC and console game, currently played by 15 million players.

    Source: Perfect World Entertainment

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