Photographs on Dropbox have Disapeared

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion' started by finzean100, Jun 19, 2015.

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    I have a Surface 2. On February 27th when I logged into my Dropbox A/C I was invited to try their new feature which is called Carousel. From that Day to This my Photographs turned into something which looks like collection of Coloured Tiles.

    I reported this to Dropbox Support and after many frustrating Weeks they told me that they thought this happened because I was using Surface. Now they do not even bother to reply, too embarrassed I presume.

    I have no way of Knowing whether they are correct about Surface being the Cause. I have had a Catalogue of Issues with Surface and Frankly if I had been aware of its limitations at the time I bought it I would not have spent my money on Surface!!

    However I have a Surface and trey to make the best of it but I really would like my Photographs restored, apparently they have not been deleted Merely Modified!! Does anyone from Surface have any Knowledge of what I am talking about !!!
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    I'm pretty certain the person you spoke with was just not all that bright. If it was a Surface problem then it would also be a problem for anyone else on Windows 8.1. I haven't tried that so I'm not much help.

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