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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Help' started by Tutanchamun, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Hello to everyone, i have just registered to ask other people who have a surface pro about something...

    I have a surface pro (first gen.) and i have some problems, the event log lists some errors and some are critical, like power loss and something about corrupt storage. so i have thought i could contact the people from microsoft to ask what to do. (i have reset the device once to try if it was just something with the 8.1 update, but the problems persists)

    And another point is, i have a extended service plan for 3 years for business user ( i use the device for college so its difficult to say if this is "business"...)

    And now the problem:
    i cant get support because the microsoft page for private users says that my machine is registered for business service, and whe i try the business support page it says something about y contract or credit card...but i dont want to get charged for just a question...i have bought the extended plan to be safe and not to have that trouble....

    ´How can i just cointact someone at microsoft (Germany) to ask about my problems (for free).

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