Random bugs with SP3? Do a Refresh

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by DeltaXray, Sep 2, 2014.

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    I received my SP3 4 days ago and ever since turning it on I had some weird issues. The biggest annoyances were:

    1. Opening up MUI Internet Explorer would invoke the CPU immediately to 40-55%. Even if just sat at the blank 'New Tab' screen.

    2. I could not connect to certain network shares. At work I could connect to shares hosted on Windows Server 2003 servers and NetApp filers, but I could not connect to my home Netgear Readynas shares no matter what I tried. I work in IT and believe me I tried *everything* and could not access it whatsoever.

    This was on a basic, stock, out-of-the-box configuration with no extra downloaded programs.

    I noticed a post on here saying to do a system Refresh which cleared out other random bugs and lo and behold it worked. After a refresh, what should put me back in the same situation as I had out of the box and by all logic should have the same issues, both are completely resolved. Right now I'm writing this in MUI IE and have low single digit CPU usage. And I have mapped shares to my readynas !

    I've also noticed at least 25% better battery life, possibly more, I need to do more testing.

    There seems to be something really, definitely off about the default image on these machines. Even stranger is how old all the baked-in apps are. So even though the SP3 launched here a few days ago it did not come with a version of OneNote that could double tap the pen to screenshot. That version has been out for a long time now, why not include it?

    Either way, a refresh worth doing if you have weird, unexplainable bugs or unacceptable battery life. This feels like a completely different machine now.
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    Same story with mine SP3. I write about it here, 3-4 weeks ago. It was self-fixed after a days, without any intervention. Very strange behavior. I saw high CPU load in MetroIE one or two times again, for 5-6 hours, and it's gone soon without any action.
    Take it easy, it's MS, not Apple. :-}
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    You got love them random bugs/features.

    MS needs to get some telemetry built into the System and Refresh process for analysis of causes.

    Additionally every program and subsystem needs a Reset Button in a Control Panel applet which would help isolate issues and circumvent the need for Refreshing. Problem with displays? Reset the Display subsystem. Problem with printing, problem with X, Y, Z - Reset the appropriate subsystem.
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    My exact, same experience as well, right down to extra battery life afterward.

    Glad it helped you.

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