Samsung Tablet with Windows 10 & 12-Inch Display is Certified by Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance

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    What do we have here? It may not be a Surface, but it is definitely a Windows 10 powered tablet, and it's coming from an unusual source. A new tablet was spotted making its certification rounds through testing at Bluetooth SIG and the WiFi Alliance. What's most surprising is that it is a Samsung product and includes Microsoft's Windows 10!

    The new Samsung tablet also includes a 12-inch display and the model number SM-W700. According to the intel, the tablet is likely to carry a price tag of $455 USD. It's also possible that it will only show up in India, although that could simply be its first launch market. Here's a quote with a few more details,

    Source: 12-inch Windows 10 powered Samsung tablet certified by Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance

    For further discussion, be sure to drop by our dedicated Windows 10 section and our dedicated Samsung Windows Tablet section:

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    That sure sounds interesting. A Core M tablet/2in1 for under $500 would be awesome. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to keep its weight down and battery life up.

    I recently got a Samsung Tab E and it's quite nice given that it only cost $200.

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