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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 2' started by eSim, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Mine is a general question: I have been using the SP2 as a laptop replacement since the beginning of the year. Sometimes I think I have succeeded and sometimes I think I should go back to a laptop.

    I take notes in Onenote and that works great on the SP2. I also wanted to use Office 365 so all devices are synced. That worked after hours and hours of discussions with my new MS friend in India (he says he will visit when in US!). Otherwise, I am a Outlook person and that works great with the Exchange server my Indian friend configured for me in Office 365. So, software wise, I feel I have a solution. Then, about every 2-3 days, Outlook will lock up and I loose the email I am working on...

    But hardware is a concern. The touchpad on the Type keyboard is unusable for me. So I started on my external device quest. First, Arc mouse which didn't provide track functionality that worked for my skin (evidently). Now, I have a regular mouse, but it uses the USB. Some of keyoard keys have stopped working. And I am not a professional typist, so I keep hitting the caps lock key. Of course, this is not a prolem at work because I use a usb hub, full size keyboard, and mouse. But traveling and home is a challenge. Screen is small for use while traveling. I also have the VGA adapter and the DVI adapter. and of course the pen to keep track of at all times. Makes me feel like I am trying to make SP2 something that it shouldn't be?

    Sorry for the long post. I too far ahead on the technology curve (laptop replacement)? Should I buy a real laptop like the Lenovo convertible so I get the stability needed to keep my life together?
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    Re: screen is small for use while traveling - yet the screen at the time of release was one of the largest tablet screens available. Some scoffed and said it was too big. in the end this is somewhat a personal preference but a key one you have to decide if the tablet form factor is right for you. If you can't get past this then id say it not right for you. I felt the same way initially bit have adapted to the smaller screen.

    As far as some of the other difficulties with hardware those things unfortunately happen and the only way to get used to a mew keyboard is to practice.

    There are tradeoffs with any computing device and to be comfortable we need to adapt to it. if you pick up that laptop, how does it feel. how does it work with OneNote etc. I'm not talking about something you might buy... the one your trying to replace.??? was it a Lenovo? Did it have the track stick? Or did use the trackpad?

    You need a list of Pros and Cons... and maybe another set of columns for past present and future.

    I think laptop selection will greatly diminish over the next couple of years and the world will large be mobile devices and screens.

    Change can be hard but doesn't have to be. Good luck with figuring it all out. Typically just when you do everything changes again.

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