SP3 Dock is driving me insane

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by Y2HBK, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Had an issue earlier in the week where I had to take my SP3 into a Microsoft store. They exchanged it with a new one. Brought it home, set everything up, working great. Get into work this morning and having issues with the dock. It powers fine, USB works, etc... but I have no ethernet. I have:

    -Unpowered and powered the dock
    -Removed the SP3 and reseated it multiple times
    -Rebooted several times
    -Checked Windows update
    -Downloaded the latest SP3 drivers msi and installed it

    I had a firmware update go through yesterday but I wasnt on the dock when it installed. Im pretty sure with my last SP3 I rememeber there being a specific dock update that I saw in windows update but I could be losing my mind. I did see some ethernet adapter downloads at the link below but when I download them they arent installable files so I dont know what to do with them.


    Any ideas? I finally have this set up and REALLY dont have time to refresh windows and start over. I already lost a day of work when I had to go down to the MS store.
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    I suggest you take both the computer & the dock to your Microsoft store & get them to make it work.

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