SP4 won't log in the first time.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 4' started by Foehammer, Dec 30, 2015.

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    So i got a surface. And i got problems.

    I am willing to solve these before reterning it, but i need som help.

    I start it up the first time, create a long profile name (my own name, 23 letter/signs, also counting the two spaces), and a password i have used before and remember.

    When I am about to log in the first time the/my profile-name lacks the last letters that i wrote, so it's missig these.

    I try logging in anyway, not changing the name. Does not work. I try adding the last 3 missing letters, still does not work..

    And now it's acting up like hell, it won't respond when i press the arrow to log in. And it tries to log in when I'm not even pressing anything...

    And it won't even turn off when i click that option...

    So what gives?

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