Spacebar randomness in Facebook? And trackpad in general?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Edge' started by abraham the grey, Aug 5, 2015.

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    I don't know if this is an Edge issue or a Surface Pro 3 issue, but it seems that when I'm on and only in the comment field (not in the facebook app, nor in messages from the chat feature on the website, and so far no other websites), the spacebar doesn't always insert a space.

    It acts like this: I press the spacebar button. For an instant there is a space after the word I've just completed. As if the show Ghostwriter is playing pranks on me, the space I've just inserted is magically deleted--every time I try to press space after that specific word.

    It only happens after certain words, and I can't find a pattern. I thought it was only after the letter "t" but then it happened after other letters as well.

    When I go to another tab or window and return to and click to put my cursor at the end of the entered text, all of the missing spaces that I've just given up on appear tacked onto the end of my comment. I still cannot put spaces in between the strange places where they refuse to go, though.

    I wonder if this is an issue with the Type Cover because of the following potentially related issue...


    I find that clicking with the trackpad doesn't always work on the Edge window. Other windows seem to respond fine to clicking, but clicking anywhere on Edge doesn't always register the first, second, or even third attempt. Tabs don't switch, text fields don't activate, and links are not pressed. This was not a problem in Google Chrome and has never been a problem before I updated to Windows 10 and began using Edge.


    Is anyone else having these issues?

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