Summary of issues with wifi, bluetooth and SP3 drivers

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    I thought I would summarize the experiences and testing I have done surrounding the wireless connectivity issues in the SP3.

    1. Driver dated 4/24/14: Version 15.68.3036.67 for the Marvell AVASTAR Wireless chip
    • a. Relatively stable driver, 72bps connections to 2.4Ghz wireless while on line AC power.
    • b. if the SP3 goes to sleep, the Bluetooth and wireless devices will be gone when you ask the SP3 to wake up.
    • c. The sleep does not have to be deep
    • d. This symptom appears about 70% of the time on sleeping
    • e. If you ask for a driver update (From Devices -> Driver -> update driver) this is shown to be the best available driver
    2. If however, you as Windows update to update the system you will get a driver dated 5/5/14: Version 15.68.3040.75 for the Marvell AVASTAR Wireless chip. This driver will exhibit the following behavior:
    • a. It seems to have fixed the devices being visible on wake up. In that respect it is more reliable
    • b. The Wifi connectivity, even though the device is there, is very unreliable.
    • i. When the device is on battery, the wakeup from sleep will result in a widely varying set of behaviors, very slow wifi speeds, making it virtually useless
    • 1. Cycling the wifi on and off will sometimes and randomly restore connectivity somewhat.
    • 2. 2.4 vs. 5 Ghz does not seem to matter much
    • 3. Rebooting, and deep power cycling (volume up and power shutdown) sometimes helps
    • ii. When the device is on line AC and you power up and stay on line, it is a very stable environment.

    At this point I have 2 open cases with Microsoft Support pressing for an acknowledgement of the issue and if they intend a new patch on the next super Tuesday.
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