Surface Pro 3 - integrated mini DisplayPort stopped working

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by UKAussi, Oct 6, 2015.

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    We have a 6 month old SP3 that the integrated mini display port on the device no longer works. This port is used often my the manager in meeting rooms to connect to meeting room monitors/projectors.
    To clarify, the OS (Win 8.1) does sense when you plug in an adapter/dongle and adjusts the screen resolution but it does not show any output on an external monitor with a range of different brands and types of adapters/dongles including the MS VGA, Belkin VGA, Belkin DVI and Apple VGA to name just 4 so it appears to not be the dongle but something to do with the connector.
    To further clarify, when you use the Surface Dock it DOES output an image to the mini displayport connection on the dock which again seems to point away from software and more towards the specific port on the device.

    Any advise/tips as getting this device repaired is a major ordeal as you cant actual repair the device you have to have it exchanged, a major drawback of all these types of "closed" devices.


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