Surface Pro win 8.1 external display problem

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Help' started by prymitywista, Apr 15, 2014.

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    Hi there,
    I'm looking for help guys, I'm using a connector minidisplay port -> hdmi + hdmi -> dvi and I can't see anything on my second display. For first I used minidisplayport to displayport connection, but it gave me same results. Display is HP zr22w, I'm tried reinstall intel 4000 drivers. its strange, because I connected surface to Samsung Smart TV via mdp - hdmi connector and everything was fine, everything worked.

    In device manager windows see my HP display and monitor has got blue, active led on (after plug off cable it goes sleep) so I have no idea what's going on - please help me, I need this sec screen to work :p

    I think I've said everything, sorry for my grammar I'm still learning english, I hope anyone now how to fix this problem....


    Zrzut ekranu (7).png
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