Why do more people not utilize MS live support?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion' started by hughlle, Jul 15, 2016.

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    Yet another brilliant experience (even if quite a long wait this time). My partners SP3 power brick started clicking whilst plugged in but still doing what it is meant to do, so I got straight on live chat as I always do with surfaces and 10 minutes later, details confirmed, and a brand new charger is in the post FOC just to give me peace of mind that it wouldn't fail in the middle of a busy work week, and like all my prior warranty requests, no need to send the old one back.

    2 years ago I thought that they were just going over-board because it was a brand new launch of a very viable new product, but 2 years later, they're still just as concerned with the owners experience. Hats off to them yet again :) that makes 1 pen and 2 chargers I've gotten FOC now, never a question asked, never a request for proof, never a request for a return of the old unit. They don't even care if the unit in question still works, any niggling doubt or suspicion and they've shipped me a replacement :)
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    There is nothing wrong with showing some appreciation every once in a while

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