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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 3' started by KentoC58, Sep 16, 2015.

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    So............... I did the so called 'upgrade'........ hung with it for a few weeks and decided I didn't like the way it changed how some of the Surface features worked, so rolled it back to 8.1.

    Now, of course, I have several apps that don't work. I'm sure anyone who's done this knows what I'm talking about; how they fire up blank then go away, or give you the message that they don't work and need to be repaired or re-installed from the store, etc......

    Ran across some useful info on how to get them to work, to no avail. Currently looks like one of two options; re-install 8.1 or go back with the 'upgrade' to 10 again and suffer through what that brings.

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