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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro' started by motobojo, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I've encountered some odd intermittent behavior with my SP and was wondering what others could tell me about this.

    I first encountered this after a reboot. My login password kept failing. I know I was typing it correctly. When I watched closer as I typed my password I noticed that certain characters were not being entered. The 'gobbled' characters include: h o l p u v. All of the other lower-case alpha characters seemed to be accepted. Bumping around more in attempt to login I found that when I hit "p" the "second screen" side pop-up came up. I had to reboot several times before things were returned to "normal".

    Further research indicated that the second screen side-popup results from hitting Windows-p. So it would seem that after a reboot my computer was in a sort of "Windows-lock" mode. Next time it happens I'll mess with the Windows key to see if I can pop the system out of it.

    While I did have a Type keyboard attached I removed it and used the on-screen keyboard while trying to get logged in. That did not help the situation. Which makes me think it is NOT a physical sticky key issue.

    This also happened a couple of times 'out of the blue' (i.e., not after a reboot). Once again I had to reboot to get things behaving again.

    Any thoughts / suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    motobojo, this is a known issue with the Windows "key" becoming stuck. Try a search and you may find the solution or at least the conversations regarding the issue.

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