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    Solved - Go USB connection to Android smartphone?

    I can read and write to USB pen or external disk via USB with an adapter, but find that I cannot read the files on my smartphone. I had no problem doing this with my older laptop (also Windows 10) via USB: why is there an apparent incompatibility between Surface and Android? Is this...
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    How to enable VT-x

    Hello, I'm develop under Visual Studio 2015 and I would like to enable VT-x in order to use Xamarin and the Android Emulators. I've firstly use the Visual Studio Emulator for Android, that is based on Hyper-V. It works but I encounter some problems with the Google Play Services: so I would...
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    Stuck on "surface" if I disable secure boot

    Hi, I want to try Android x86 but I have to disable secure boot to make a dual boot. The problem is if I disable secure boot the surface doesn't turn on. If I re-enable secure boot the surface starts with no problems. I've tried a lot of time. Is there something more I have to do? Thanks