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    Surface pro 4 and arc touch surface edition not working

    Hey all, so I have been doing a lot of research and not finding what I need to find so hopefully I didn't miss it and this is a repeat. if it is I am sorry. Anyway, I bought my pro 4 a year ago and I bought the arc touch surface edition with it. now recently I rebooted the pro and the arc lost...
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    How can I reconnect once removed MS Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse?

    Hello forum, I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro3 and having problem with re-connect and pair Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. From Setting -> Devices -> Bluetooth, I have mistakenly removed the paired Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth mouse. I've been trying to re-connect and pair but just...
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    Blue tooth mouse recommendation SP4

    I made the plunge and bought the SP4 i5 8/256 - (almost bought the book but decided on the SP4) - Thus, far - very nice machine. :D Any recommendations for a blue tooth mouse? I have a logitech M705 USB for my desktop and like it but it or similar sized versions are too large to carry around...