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Surface pro 4 and arc touch surface edition not working


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Hey all, so I have been doing a lot of research and not finding what I need to find so hopefully I didn't miss it and this is a repeat. if it is I am sorry.

Anyway, I bought my pro 4 a year ago and I bought the arc touch surface edition with it. now recently I rebooted the pro and the arc lost connectivity. meaning, it still says its connected in Bluetooth settings, but it is now under other devices, not under mice. and it does not work. wont scroll or move the mouse. it does however no matter what power mode, or even plugged in, it still says its connected in Bluetooth. in fact it says it when you click on the bottom right square and all the quick settings pop up, it reads arc touch mouse se under Bluetooth without even clicking on it. but the Microsoft arc mouse program, nor the regular mouse and keyboard program recognize it being connected. weird huh?

anyway, I have tried deleting and re connecting it through Bluetooth settings and all that stuff. nothing has changed how it is. anyone have any ideas? I'm running latest updates and service packs. always making sure its up to date.

any help is appreciated,