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I made the plunge and bought the SP4 i5 8/256 - (almost bought the book but decided on the SP4) - Thus, far - very nice machine. :D

Any recommendations for a blue tooth mouse? I have a logitech M705 USB for my desktop and like it but it or similar sized versions are too large to carry around.

Two that seems to get great reviews are the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse and the Arc Mouse. I have always used a scroll wheel and not sure if I can get used to not using it, but the transport size of the Arc is enticing.



I'm assuming this will be used as a travel mouse, not a permanent every day type.
I have the Surface Version of the Arc.
I love it when I need it. Nice to shut off (you may forget to turn off a switch. You don't forget to flatten the mouse).
It's responsive, I don't have to worry about a USB sliver, etc.

Worth it IMO.


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I second the Arc mouse. It's relatively comfortable (My pinky seems to drag on whatever surface I'm using, kind of gets raw after 2 hours) and the haptic feedback of the scroll wheel area is awesome. Also, the folding to shut off and turn on is an awesome feature, especially if like me you're bad about turning things off.


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If you're not too strapped on budget, I would recommend the Razer Orochi gaming mouse:
Razer Orochi 2015 Gaming Mouse - Wired / Wireless Mouse

I have the 2013 version I believe. What I really like about it other than the ergonomics, 4 side buttons, and quality clicking is that it's a dual wireless + wired mouse. If, for example, you happen to run out of juice on a trip or even just want to conserve battery or want less latency, you can attach the optional USB cable and plug it in. Personally, I hate carrying around extra batteries and/or remembering to charge things so the option to wire my mouse in is great.


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I have both the Logitech T630 and MS Arc. The Logitech takes some getting used to as there is really only one click button (the whole mouse clicks down) and the action depends on where your finger is touching when you make the click. But it fits in a pocket easy. If you're always gonna keep it in a case the Arc mouse's straighten to shut off and haptic feed back are, as other have said, very cool.
I was an exclusive Logitech guy (mainly due to the small nub as a receiver) for the longest time and then started to have a ton of problems with the buttons failing. They would lose their "clickability". Since then I have moved on to the Microsoft units with the Bluetooth Sculpt and the Mobile Sculpt. Been very happy since. The only Logitech I still use periodically is the Ultra Portable Bluetooth on. Good gesture control and super small/thin.


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I have been using a Samsung BT travel mouse, gave it to someone else and got a Kensington to replace it. Both are good.