1. mikecox

    Mirror image

    I subscribe to Carbonite. Their Tech support department told me their Mirror image backup was incompatible with SB because it did not allow their Mirror Image to access the SB Bios. This was rather alarming because I've been using their Mirror Image backup for several years, which I...
  2. M

    Easy Surface Duplication?

    I've ordered a Surface Pro 5 (lets call a spade a spade) to replace my dying SP3. For the past two decades as a windows user, everytime I buy a new device I am stuck spending days of frustration simply trying to get the new machine setup with the same data, software, and settings as the...
  3. S

    Onedrive web for backup?

    With Office 365, 1TB is available for cloud storage with Onedrive. So I thought to use Onedrive web as a backup solution for my PC, instead of an external drive. But if I delete files or folders from Onedrive web; will those files and folders also be deleted from my PC? If the answer is yes...
  4. M

    Recovery partition/image recovery

    Hello everyone. I got a SPro3 with 8.1. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10 and so I did, from within the system. Then I managed to save a system image using Acronis True Image, successfully. But then comes the issue. After the image I've made some modifications such as creating a new user and...
  5. W

    Data Transfer from Surface 3 Pro

    Hi everyone, Just got my surfacebook. Is there a way to image all harddisk from Surface 3 pro to Surfacebook? (Currently I am trying this way) Thanks