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Easy Surface Duplication?


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I've ordered a Surface Pro 5 (lets call a spade a spade) to replace my dying SP3. For the past two decades as a windows user, everytime I buy a new device I am stuck spending days of frustration simply trying to get the new machine setup with the same data, software, and settings as the computer I've been using for years. Decades later, it still seems like there is not an easy way to create a duplicate image that will instantly bring me back to where I left off on the old system (at least not for free). Am I missing something? Is there a reliable and easy way to do this with win10? If not, what is the best third party solution to do this for <$50. I am not interested in half-baked solutions - I want to transfer data/settings/software in a single go, preferably with a direct cable connection. I don't think this is asking too much.



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Microsoft used to have a User Settings and Transfer Wizard, maybe it's still available or only available to Enterprise customers. However, AFAIK Laplink PC Mover is the best there is.
EASUS may be an option but IDK anything about this tool.

I've seen reports of people use imaging software to transfer an image onto a new PC but that could have problems, it sounds simpler than it is.