battery life

  1. A

    plugged not in charge : good idea to save battery life ?

    Hi and excuse my english, I bought a surface pro 2017 and i want to improove battery life when i use it at home. I know i have to stay between 40% and 80% battery not to use it too much to improove its life. I can by a missmanipulation force the device to be 'plugged not in charge'. Is it a...
  2. D

    Battery wear jumped to ~40% in 3 days

    Hi, I hope someone can help with this concerning Surface pro issue. I have a surface pro 4, I7, 512GB. I've had it for about 9months and I've been very happy with it, battery life has always been a little poor but I knew that before I got it and understand that this level of CPU power takes a...
  3. macmee

    Can we talk about battery life? Microsoft says "up to 9 hours"

    Microsoft's website says "up to 9 hours of battery life" the best I ever got was 7:30 hours on windows 8, and never more than 5 hours on windows 10. Has anyone actually gotten 9 hours or does that sound as impossible to you as it does to me? Also you might say: "but they say up to" and that's...
  4. M

    Surface Pro 3 Battery Life with Windows 10

    Hi, I just bought an SP3 with Windows 10. What is the average battery life most users with similar device get for daily use? Mine is updated to the latest firmware already. Last testing I got is like these (25% screen brightness, wifi on, time is measured from 100% battery until it shuts down...
  5. S

    Battery Life and Recharge Time

    Hi All, I have a Surface Pro 4 - i7 8GB 256GB. So far, I had Windows Hello off. I usually run: 1) Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome with several tabs, one of them is streaming video/music. 2) Visual Studio or some other IDE. 3) Skype 4) Explorer 5) Mail App I get 2.5 to 3:25 hours out of the...
  6. E

    After TH2 Update: Battery drain /battery life in sleep mode much worse than before

    Hi there! After the TH2 update I recognized a much worse battery life espacially while sleep times on my Surface Pro 4 (i5, 8GB Ram). I read a lot about battery drain issues before but I did not have that issue. But now after the Treshold 2 update it seems to be finally there. I recognize about...
  7. J

    Solved SP3 - Odd battery behavior

    Is it just me, or since I install W10 my battery drops significantly, also design capacity or full charge capacity not showing anymore. Currently having 217 cycles this should count as normal cycles, and keep same 6h as before now I'm getting 4h. I got my values from powercfg /batteryreport...
  8. E

    Anyone out there with a SP4 Core M model to share battery life experiences?

    Moin! (As we say in Hamburg for "Hello") I am really interested in your Core M battery life experiences. How long is the usage? Is there a significant improvement in comparism to Core i models?
  9. D

    Surface Pro 4 Core M Battery Life

    I'm upgrading from the SP1 to the SP4, expecting delivery next Monday (per Microsoft). The SP4 ordered is the base model. It will be used for "away from home" RVing and playing GenieGO, DVD, BD movies and internet access for communications, finances and browsing. I went with the Core M...