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Battery wear jumped to ~40% in 3 days


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I hope someone can help with this concerning Surface pro issue. I have a surface pro 4, I7, 512GB. I've had it for about 9months and I've been very happy with it, battery life has always been a little poor but I knew that before I got it and understand that this level of CPU power takes a fair amount of energy to power it.

I've been running battery bar for a few weeks just to keep an eye on how the battery is getting on and noticed today that it shows a wear of 41.5% (22,320mWh of 38,152mWh).

Here is the report generated from powercfg/batteryreport:


It shows that 3 days ago the capacity was 34,410mWh and now it's ~40% of that. I haven't done anything different to usual and this concerns me. the 5-6hour battery life was barely manageable if that were to drop to 40% of that my SP4 is almost useless to me.

Is there anything I can do or try to get it back again? does anyone know why it would have dropped off so quickly?

any help is massively appreciated.


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