boot from usb

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    Booting from 3rd-party CD

    Thanks to the special support programmed for SP4 that still suffer the from unreadable vibrating screen I got a replacement unit. This is my third unit now. Previously when I experienced screen image ghosting in the...
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    Stuck at 'Surface' screen can not enter recovery

    Hi, After updating my surface pro 3 to windows 10 it is stuck on the ’Surface’ screen. I went to and download my Surface recovery image. I tried both of the images: Surface Pro 3 - Windows 8.1 and Surface Pro 3 - Windows 10 Version 1511. I formatted a usb drive as FAT32...
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    SP4 boot from USB gives ACPI_BIOS_ERROR

    Hi, I am trying to reimage my Surface Pro 4 with a custom Windows 10 .wim image. I have created a bootable USB (FAT32 formatted), disabled Secureboot , changed the boot order to boot from USB and rebooted the tablet. Upon reboot i get the blue screen with error "Your PC ran into a problem and...