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    Solved Anyone else has issue with Edge browser?

    I wanted to give Edge a chance so I've been using it for a while. My SP4 is updated to the latest and every single time I use Edge, it stalls. When I try to open a page, it often just sits there and spins. I have to close the browser or tab and restart and sometimes that works. Few days ago I...
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    FB video call

    I'm using Chrome (in case that makes a difference) and I can't for the life of me get the Facebook messenger video function to work. Either the video or the sound work but never at the same time. Also when the video works it is in a weird tiny letterbox format. Any idea how to fix it?
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    Strange pdf issue on my SP3 (but none of my other W10 machines)...

    I have an issue with viewing locally stored pdf's, both in Edge and Chrome. When I have Chrome set as default pdf-viewer and I in Win Explorer double-click a pdf on the SSD, say in C:\Users\Fabian\Documents, Chrome does not display the file, but makes a copy of it by downloading and renaming...
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    Finally got a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...and other problems

    On Day 3, I got my first blue screen of death, just when I was browsing and whatnot. On restart, everything is fine. Here's my personal list of problems I've come across with my Surface Book (512, i7, 16 RAM) 1) Track pad stopped working until restart 2) microphone consistently stops working on...