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Strange pdf issue on my SP3 (but none of my other W10 machines)...


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I have an issue with viewing locally stored pdf's, both in Edge and Chrome.

When I have Chrome set as default pdf-viewer and I in Win Explorer double-click a pdf on the SSD, say in C:\Users\Fabian\Documents, Chrome does not display the file, but makes a copy of it by downloading and renaming it.

When I have Edge set as default pdf-viewer, it behaved a little differently before the Anniversary Update; then it opened a tab as if to display the pdf, but then immediately closed the tab again, no download or copy was made. Now, after I have installed the Anniversary Update (on the fourth attempt, don't get me started :-( ), Edge behaves similar to Chrome and starts to download the file. However, the download gets stuck at 0%

This is not the way it works on any of my other 3 W10 machines, which is why I post this in the SP3 forum. On those machines, both Edge and Chrome simply display the pdf when it is double-clicked.

Both Edge and Chrome display pdf's fine when those files are fetched via URLs. For instance, this file http://www.orimi.com/pdf-test.pdf displays fine by both browsers from the web link. If I download the file to my SSD, the above described behavior exhibits.

And yes... I know that I can choose some other pdf-viewer like Sumatra PDF, but that's not the issue.

Any ideas, anyone? Maybe someone else has experienced this issue?