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Finally got a BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH...and other problems


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On Day 3, I got my first blue screen of death, just when I was browsing and whatnot. On restart, everything is fine. Here's my personal list of problems I've come across with my Surface Book (512, i7, 16 RAM)

1) Track pad stopped working until restart
2) microphone consistently stops working on occasion, until restart
3) Battery is draining much faster than I expect (might be mostly a sleep-less when closed problem)
4) Google Chrome sometimes locks up the track pad scrolling entirely, and just shimmies the entire window up and down instead. This is tab-dependent and comes and goes.
5) Edge is just largely a disaster - doesn't register clicks, takes a while to load
6) had terrible WiFi connectivity in same spots and conditions as my 4-yr old Samsung laptop, which was getting it just fine - until restart, now fixed.
7) a few programs have spontaneously closed on me when trying to click something in the program

Most of these should be driver or Windows 10 problems. Hopefully fixable. Otherwise I have 10 days to return it still. The restart isn't a huge deal because it only takes 30 seconds, but I do lose my program layouts and everything.

I really like the hardware...opening a bunch of programs is lighting quick, and I have no display problems. MS better get their act together with patches within the week or a ton of people will return their Books within the two- or four-week windows the sellers usually offer.


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I've also had one blue screen, when I detached the clipboard while it was installing programs.

I agree, they have about two weeks to figure this out. I have 30 days to return mine and I REALLY REALLY want it to work out, because the screen and build quality are amazing.

Just need the software bugs worked out.