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    CPU throttled without reason

    Hi guys, I have an Pro 4 i5/8gb/256gb and sometimes I have the problem, that my CPU was throttled down to ~0,87 GHz and don´t clock even higher. The problem is with and without power supply the same. The Surface isn´t hot, sometimes the problem is directly after booting. Energy saving mode is...
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    How do you UNDERVOLT the Atom CPU?

    OK, I've been running around like crazy trying to figure this out. Supposedely it's possible to undervolt the Atom CPU. Not sure if I need the clock generator for that or not. Anyone had any luck undervolting this guy? I had to change the title, because after a LOT of digging, it seems the...
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    CPU Speed @ 0.78 GHz with AC power

    Hi, My SPro2 is running slowly tonight and I noticed that the CPU under Task Manager is only running at 0.78 GHz with AC plugged in. Is anyone else having a similar problem? I'm running VS2015 and other tools and the CPU isn't going full speed. Really odd. Thanks for any comments or...
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    High/strange CPU idle clock frequency

    Hi I bought a SP4 last Tuesday, and I really like it. However, I'm worried about the high CPU idle frequencies I'm experiencing. The first time I noticed it (and the first time I checked) was after updating the original install with 17/2 firmware update: My CPU would idle almost constantly...
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    CPU while browsing

    Hi! I recently bought a Surface Pro 3. I have the i7, 256 gb-version. First of all, I'm a mac user, this is my first pc for 6-7 years. I bought it mostly to do retouching on the fly. I upgraded from win 8.1 to win 10. Ever since I got it, the fan goes up and down like crazy. It mostly...
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    Solved Will it provide full virtualization support?

    For me it's important that I can bring my VMware Workstation VMs along during my trips. Will the new Surface 4 Pro CPU/BIOS/UEFI provide all the up-to-date and required virtualization support?