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CPU throttled without reason


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Hi guys,
I have an Pro 4 i5/8gb/256gb and sometimes I have the problem, that my CPU was throttled down to ~0,87 GHz and don´t clock even higher. The problem is with and without power supply the same. The Surface isn´t hot, sometimes the problem is directly after booting. Energy saving mode is not the problem. I can solve the problem, with a reboot than everything is normal and he clocks more then 2,9 GHz. I´am not sure but sometimes the problem happens after starting Photoshop CC, but I don´t think it is the problem, because after close it the problem is there as well.

I hope someone have a solution, the Surface is 4 months old.


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I have never encountered this issue - however, sometimes uninstalling / re-installing the Surface Pro 4 drivers will take care of a vast array of issues. Use the link below to download the latest drivers and uninstall then reboot, the reinstall, then reboot. I hope this helps you even though its a shot in the dark. Most laptops only operate with 1/2 or less processor power when unplugged - (food for thought)

Without further adieu -

Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware from Official Microsoft Download Center