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    Replaced Battery - Won't charge

    The display on my Surface Pro 3 cracked last May. Not certain why. I decided to replace the screen because what was there to lose? The battery life was about half of what it should be so decided to replace the battery at the same time. Now, while the screen works, the battery is detected but...
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    Why Surface 4 Pro Restart Suddenly

    Suddenly without taking my permission my surface pro shows a screen saying "Restarting" and then the windows 10 restarts and close all the running apps and documents without saving ! is that a system crash or what's going on ?? how can the windows restart based on it self ..
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    Surface Book Issues

    1. Always lots of problems in Outlook, sometimes the ability to see folders or menus gets really messed up 2. Display crashes all the time & low memory issues At least 3-4 times a day I have to restart in order to get it to work again. Such a pain in the ass!! Any recommendations?
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    Need assistance - Mail app keeps crashing

    After a recent update (Win10) I went to use the mail app on my SP3. As soon as it starts it crashes immediately. The option to uninstall via settings menu is grayed out so I used the powershell method which removes the app. Upon reinstallation it still does the same thing. Can anyone provide...
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    Microsoft Edge is part of the problem.

    Like many of you I was super excited to open my Surface Book up and play with my shiny new toy, only to discover that there were errors all over the place. Specifically, I had the intel display adapter crashing problem (every few minutes) and the display color shifting problem that others have...