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The display on my Surface Pro 3 cracked last May. Not certain why. I decided to replace the screen because what was there to lose? The battery life was about half of what it should be so decided to replace the battery at the same time. Now, while the screen works, the battery is detected but won't charge.

Now for the nitty gritty details. Since connecting the new screen I've had a number of BSOD's. They have all been CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I solved these initially by reinstalling windows from a USB. This worked for about three boot cycles. Now nearly every time I boot it crashes mid boot screen. As if there is a power loss. Fan always spins up before it dies. No BSOD most times although it sometimes displays the "Preparing Windows Repair..." screen before crashing. About every 3-5 times it boots up properly. Battery won't charge even when it is turned off.

Troubleshooting Steps:
  • Reinstalling windows on a reformatted partition. (as mentioned above)
  • I have tried connecting the old battery. Charge was detected, however it won't charge. Will run off of battery.
  • For the booting issues, I was able to boot to UEFI and run off a USB. Ran sfc/scannow and chkdsk on C drive. No errors.
  • Removed new screen and battery and connected to an external display. No changes in symptoms noticed. Sometime no signal was sent to the screen.
I plan to reinstall windows again but I'll delete all partitions and reformat the entire drive. I anticipate possible complications as I believe the Surface Pro runs a slightly altered version of windows for the pen and keyboard. However, I noticed windows was downloading specific drivers for the surface. Regardless, that is a lesser problem than the current one. I will post further updates here.

In the meantime, has anyone attempted these repairs before? Or does anyone have any ideas as to the problem or solution?

tl;dr: In process of replacing screen and battery on Surface Pro 3. Now battery won't charge and there are a variety of BSOD and startup problems. Ideas?


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BSOD in old machines, say 2007 or earlier, is often caused by old architecture (built for Win XT maybe) not recognising some new commands or requirements of Win 10.
That's impossible with your machine. So, since conflicts are usually caused by a software mis-configuration, then, assuming your re-installation of Win 10 was done without removal of partitions, and software therein, hopefully there's some software in there causing the conflict because it needs re-configuring.
If not, then it has to be a physical problem caused by the battery and/or screen install.
Sounds to me like some inadvertent damage might have been done. Good luck with getting that screen off again, they usually break up..