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    Poor screen quality in excel on Surface Pro 2017

    Hi, I have a new Surface Pro 2017 with O365 In excel, when I start a new sheet en draw a border around a cell, i cannot see that border. only when i zoom in to 200% or more, the border becomes visible (sometimes) Seems that resolution is not correct but display is set at recommended resulotion...
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    Touchpad issue after latest Surface update

    After a 12/19/2017 update I could no longer use the touchpad to scroll in Excel 2010. I assumed the problem lay with Excel and spent the last couple of days trying various fixes. Then, I thought perhaps a recent update to Windows 10 or the SP4 might be the culprit. Sure enough, as soon as I...
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    Problem with pen input in Excel 2013

    I'm using Excel 2013 on my surface with a pen. I've found that it's very handy to walk around while using the pen to fill in a spreadsheet of readings. However, every time I move to a new cell and begin writing with the "pen keyboard", the first stroke disappears and the interpretation (almost...
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    Surface Pen - Word, Excel Annotating

    Running into an issue with Surface Pen when annotating (inking) in either Microsoft Word 2016 and/or Excel 2016. When touching the pen to the screen and making an annotation, the document is marked in a completely different area of the screen nowhere close to where the pen is touching the...
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    Surface keyboard not appearing on activation of ActiveX

    I have a question relating to the on-screen keyboard on my Surface Pro 4. When detatching the tablet screen from the keyboard on my Surface Pro 4, the on-screen keyboard appears as expected in text-entry instances (notepad, Word, Internet Explorer). However, I have created an ActiveX Text Box...