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Problem with pen input in Excel 2013


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I'm using Excel 2013 on my surface with a pen. I've found that it's very handy to walk around while using the pen to fill in a spreadsheet of readings. However, every time I move to a new cell and begin writing with the "pen keyboard", the first stroke disappears and the interpretation (almost always wrong) is placed in that cell. I then have to rewrite the first stroke and the rest of what I wanted. Example: I want to enter "6.5" in a cell. I pen 6 and lift my pen. The 6 disappears and something (maybe a 6 or maybe some other character) appears in the cell. Then I have to rewrite the 6 and I am able to write the ".5". It's very annoying to have to constantly rewrite the first character.


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I don't use my pen in Excel but if I were you I would go ahead and do your free update to Office365/ Office 2016 so you have the latest and see if that helps.


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I don't use Excel 2013 but with every spreadsheet I've used, you tap the cell to highlight it then tap the text input field at the top. Then you can start writing with the pen.


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It seems to work OK in excel 2016. I do not normally use the "pen keyboard", prefer the onscreen num keypads. I liked the handwriting input on a samsung slate tablet which also had the num & math symbols on it, resizable too, worked with excel 2010.