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    Gaming on the Surface Pro X

    Hey friends! Josher14 here and i've been gaming on surface devices since the pro 4.. I decided to test out the pro x gaming capabilities and was surprised at some games but mostly disappointed with the 8gb 128gb ram model. Here's all of the games I tried out in a youtube playlist: Surface Pro...
  2. F

    SB2 low FPS during light gaming when connected to AC

    Hello everyone, I got a SB2 13.5 a few weeks back, I just wanted to use it for casual gaming (Rocket League mainly) but I'm having some issues that I know for sure are not normal. After a while I play (like 10 min) the FPS start to drop dramatically first to 30 than to 10. I checked the GPU...
  3. D

    No chance for Gaming

    Hey Guys, I´ve red many times that it´s possible to play Games on a Surface Pro 4. Now, after I bought a Pro 4 I7 16gb I am pretty disappointed in how it run games. I tried League of Legends and Cities Skylines and non of them are running without problems. Even if all settings are on minimum I...
  4. M

    Top new PC and Console Game Prey Plays Great on Surface Pro 4

    As we know from many of our own forum members, gaming on Surface is much more popular than some people might realise. A new article by Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson, entitled “Prey Runs Remarkably Well on My Wimpy Microsoft Surface Tablet,” illustrates this perfectly. Grayson decided to try playing...
  5. I

    Surface Pro 4 i7 gaming performance

    So when I first bought my sp4 back early this year, I optimized it for gaming with a fan pointed at the heat sensor, cs disabled, high performance power plan, intel graphics drivers, and a slight undervoltage (-110mv worked best for me). Back then, there was a definite difference in games...
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    SP4 i7 PCSX2

    Have any SP4 i7 owners tried PCSX2 out? With all the talk of throttling under heavy CPU load, I'm wondering if a CPU heavy ROM like Dragon Quest VIII would be playable for more than 20 seconds. On my SP1, I can just barely get FFXII playable with a little slowdown, but even native, DQ8 is just...