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SB2 low FPS during light gaming when connected to AC


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Hello everyone,
I got a SB2 13.5 a few weeks back, I just wanted to use it for casual gaming (Rocket League mainly) but I'm having some issues that I know for sure are not normal.

After a while I play (like 10 min) the FPS start to drop dramatically first to 30 than to 10. I checked the GPU temperature and it was like 40 C in gaming, the CPU instead is being weird. When I checked what was happening I couldnt figure it out (using Intel XTU), temperatures dont seem to rise too much and I couldnt see any constant throttling on the power, but also I'm not exactly sure about what to look for.

I tried putting the lowest power setting possible but it doesnt change anything. The only solution I fould, and it might be indicative of the cause of this for someone, is that as soon as I unplug the computer the frame rates jumps back to 60 in a few seconds and stays perfect indefinitely.

Does anyone have some suggestions of what I should try to do to make it work? I know for sure that it's not my unit that is defective because I had it replaced for another issue and the one I had before was doing the same exact thing....

Thanks for any help you may provide!!!


Do you have some power-saving measures set to enable when you plug in?

That's all I can think of, if your slider is on "Best performance" and you're plugged in you really should be fine.


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FT121 - Let me ask what might be a redundant question here - Are you using an external monitor, or the Surface Screen?