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Gaming on the Surface Pro X


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Hey friends!

Josher14 here and i've been gaming on surface devices since the pro 4..

I decided to test out the pro x gaming capabilities and was surprised at some games but mostly disappointed with the 8gb 128gb ram model.

Here's all of the games I tried out in a youtube playlist: Surface Pro X Gaming - YouTube

and here's a video showing what games you won't be able to play:

Since the pro x only emulates x86 32 bit, the cpu needs more ram and most heavy ram titles run very poorly.

There's also lots of problems with the emulation and app incompatibilities are everywhere.. indie games that run on everything can lock up the system and force a restart.

On the plus side, streaming with steam and xbox works and so does stadia.. and project xcloud is coming next year.. but if you don't have good internet or good lte coverage, this will be a problem for you

So all in all, I was happy to see dota 2, rocket league and skyrim run fine with a bunch of random indie games run well too.. but some older titles which run great on the surface pro line will run awful.

It's definitely a beta test season for the pro x and i'm not sure microsoft or other developers will take the time unless windows on arm does amazingly well.

Here's hoping because the hardware is awesome and i want the pro 8 with a pro x body :)

any questions feel free to comment or hit me up on youtube.