1. S

    SP4 i7 Loud Fan

    Hi Guys, I have the SP4 i7 256gb model. I purchased this three days ago and have noticed, when running a game like Minecraft, my CPU is at around 25% and memory at around 55% - however, the fans seem to be on full speed. I have uploaded a screenshot of this. They are very audible and there is...
  2. S

    SP4 i7 8ram 256hdd - thermometer icon screen

    Hi, I bought a Surface pro 4 with the specifications noted above. It happens that when I play in it is suddenly suspended and when I give it to turn on again it appears a screen with a thermometer. Please inform me if this is normal or if it is a hardware problem, if it serves something I just...
  3. A

    My Surface Book Keeps Turning On In My Bag (Even after I turn it off!)

    This keeps happening over and over again. Almost always, when I just hit the power button (which is set to go into sleep mode)... and Today (hour ago), I made sure to actually TURN IT OFF via the start menu, and it still happened! Laptop seems "off" when I put it in my bag, then I get home...
  4. dcoplien

    Watch your battery while charging

    My SP4 kept getting hot while charging in sleep mode. Thought I had solved the problem by using the power button rather than closing the type cover to put it into sleep mode. Last night I had it turned completely off, woke up this morning to find it so hot that I had to drop the pen. Since it...
  5. P

    CPU while browsing

    Hi! I recently bought a Surface Pro 3. I have the i7, 256 gb-version. First of all, I'm a mac user, this is my first pc for 6-7 years. I bought it mostly to do retouching on the fly. I upgraded from win 8.1 to win 10. Ever since I got it, the fan goes up and down like crazy. It mostly...

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