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  1. D

    Why the different internet speeds?

    Can anyone explain why these two computers, running side-by-side at the same time on the same wifi connection registered such different speeds? My Surface Pro 7: A Dell: It seems almost deliberate, but I can't find the cause. David
  2. H

    HELP: No Wi-Fi networks found

    I'm at my parents' house, and my Surface Pro 3 in unable to detect any wi-fi networks. It never had this problem in my own home. And my other devices (phone, other laptops, etc) can detect a whole list of nearby networks, and connect to my parents' just fine. But for some reason, my SP3 can't...
  3. hittka

    Can't Connect to Internet

    Hello all, I'm trying to use the internet while using a USB desktop, but the internet just won't work. I'm not connected to Wifi, I'm using an ethernet cable. My surface book keyboard and touchpad also don't work while on this USB desktop, I had to plug in USB keyboard/mouse, so I'm guessing...
  4. mikecox

    Loss of Internet

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my SB! There appears to be a graphics card issue because Adobe's Premiere Elements will not run previews smoothly, making project nearly impossible preview! Now I am having an issue with losing the Internet. I have had my provider out to check their...
  5. Y

    No internet, secured

    I've been having this issue for a number of weeks and have tried damn near everything to fix it. Basically my internet (Wifi) works for a period of time then will randomly change to "No Internet, Secured" and I'm forced to Disconnect / Reconnect to have it work. I've tried everything from this...
  6. Wikid Numb

    Solved Surface 3, connected to Wi-Fi, but no connection.

    Good afternoon all. So I just picked up a Surface 3 and was all giddy while getting it set up. Well, that giddyness quickly went away. From the moment I started setting it up, I realized that while I was connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, I did not actually have an internet connection...
  7. L

    No internet when connected to HDMI

    I bought a micro HDMI cable adapter for my surface pro 3, hoping to be able to stream videos onto my TV, except every time I connect this cable it completely cuts out my internet connection, yet the symbol and the bottom of my screen says that everything is working fine and as it should be? When...