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  1. Justinblack

    Is Surface Laptop 4 good for students?

    I'm looking for a laptop that has the best multitasking power performance. I would like to purchase a Surface Laptop which will be for students. can I buy Microsoft Surface Laptop | ▤ Full Specifications & Reviews it? Is it a good decision for me? I hope that the expert will share valuable...
  2. J

    Surface Laptop Keycaps

    I unfortunately spilled some Sprite over my Surface Laptop and while there seems to be no internal damage, as it was only a very small amount and it was turned off a few keys are now very sticky and itsi very uncomfortable to type... I did get the Alcantara cleaned up tho... Now what I wanted to...
  3. A

    Sitting Surface 3 with keyboard on my lap!

    Hi, Does anyone have any ideas, or know of any products, so that when I am just sitting in a chair I can still use my surface with keyboard as I would a laptop? The existing set up of keyboard that isn't rigidly attached to the main unit and the stand on the back makes anything else but desk...
  4. M

    StarCraft: Remastered Gets August 14 Release Date

    Blizzard Entertainment has announced that it is to launch StarCraft: Remastered worldwide on August 14. The modernized version of the award-winning sci-fi RTS classic can now be pre-purchased via the online Blizzard Shop for $47.99/£12.99. Anyone pre-purchasing prior to August 14 will get three...
  5. M

    Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale Starts Tomorrow

    Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Sale kicks off tomorrow, and Xbox Wire reports that it’s not just Xbox games that are included, with lots of great deals on Windows 10 games also featured, such as Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2, Resident Evil 7, Fallout Shelter, Dead Rising 4, and many more. PC gamers...
  6. A

    SP4i7 or cheap laptop & iPad air 3* ?

    Hello from me. I cant decide which of the two i'll buy! An Ms Surface pro 4 (i7 256GB 8GB ram) cost almost 1650 euros with the type cover with a 10% discount or a mid range cheap laptop at about 500euros with i5 proccesor with an ipad air 3 when is released on march ... I'cant decide guys...
  7. sharpuser

    A month with the Surface Book

    It has been a month since the Surface Book became available. My i7/16/512 + 512SD has been used intensely at home, at work, and on three trips. The SB3 serves as my production machine for geophysics research, and entertainment device for music, live TV, streaming video, and for games with the...