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Surface Laptop Keycaps


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I unfortunately spilled some Sprite over my Surface Laptop and while there seems to be no internal damage, as it was only a very small amount and it was turned off a few keys are now very sticky and itsi very uncomfortable to type... I did get the Alcantara cleaned up tho...
Now what I wanted to know was, if there is any way to remove the Keycaps to clean away the sugar?
I am not sure, but it is likely the cap can be rotated upwards like a hinge from the edge closest to the screen, then rotated out of the edge closest to the spacebar. Most modern keycaps attach this way.

This worked after I spilled coffee with creamer over my Surface Pro 3 keyboard a few years ago. I used a spray bottle (mist) of denatured water multiple times in a warm room, with the keyboard inverted and caps removed. The water dripped all the sugary residue out after about 10 cycles of spray, tap to remove water drops, spray, tap, etc.

THIS IS GUESSWORK concerning your Surface Laptop keyboard. BEWARE.