1. C

    New introduction and a OneDrive question

    New introduction and one drive question hello I am new to the group. I have an older surface which I like a lot. I use it mostly when I go traveling. My problem is my one drive is making my surface hard drive full . I thought the purpose of one drive was that all my documents would be...
  2. S

    Onedrive web for backup?

    With Office 365, 1TB is available for cloud storage with Onedrive. So I thought to use Onedrive web as a backup solution for my PC, instead of an external drive. But if I delete files or folders from Onedrive web; will those files and folders also be deleted from my PC? If the answer is yes...
  3. A

    [OneNote,SP3,Annotation,NoCloud] Use of OneNote* On SP3

    Greetings Ladies and Gents. Firstly, thank you for hosting this space to let professionals and users alike to meet and help each other solving issues and glitches that are the daily bread when dealing with technology! :) Being this my first post, please bear with me if topic classification...
  4. henryn

    OneDrive not working

    I am upgraded to all the newest Office 2016 and OneDrive, but for some reason, my "cache encountered a problem and needs to be repaired." Anyone have any tips? I've restarted my SP3 i7 and all, but that has not done anything. Pic below.
  5. sharpuser

    HowTo Share Your Wallpaper With Yourself - Desktop Backgrounds

    Desktop backgrounds are back. Pictures also known as Windows wallpaper, screen backgrounds, or desktop images, are becoming popular on Windows and OS X (Apple) computers, especially since the return of the Start Button with Windows 10, and the advent of Tablet PCs. Social media websites make...