pen not working

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    Surface Pen stopped working but the eraser works.

    Hi everyone. So I have a Surface Pro 8 I got for my birthday and it works like a charm. I have a Slim 2 Pen I use for drawing and today, while I was drawing, the pen just stopped working which was weird. It just stopped in the middle of drawing. The pen battery is in the 90's and it's paired...
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    Surface Pro 4 Pen not working

    So, as I’ve up on how to fix this problem. I’ve already replaced the battery with a new one. I’ve updated the drivers on my surface 3. It’s updated to the latest Windows 10 update so I don’t know what’s going on. It will work fine for an hour or so and then just go on and off between working and...
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    Pen connected but not working HELP!

    Hello! I was wondering is someone could help me? My surface pen does not work, it is connected because Bluetooth said it is paired and when I double tap the purple button it goes to notes but I can't write, tap or scroll with the pen! I've tried the steps stated (Restart - Repair pen - even run...