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Surface Pen stopped working but the eraser works.


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Hi everyone. So I have a Surface Pro 8 I got for my birthday and it works like a charm. I have a Slim 2 Pen I use for drawing and today, while I was drawing, the pen just stopped working which was weird. It just stopped in the middle of drawing. The pen battery is in the 90's and it's paired too. The eraser top part works but not the tip which is confusing. I tried looking for every solution I could find like. Restarting the computer, unpairing it and then pairing it again. Doing all the Device Manager flapperdoodle but nothing works. Maybe you guys could help or I'm out of luck.
I have Windows 11, it's up to date.
here's a video of it happening


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Howdy, Rango.

Your video shows that the Surface is sometimes reading the position of the tip. Pull the nib (the tip of the pen) straight out with your fingers, then push it back in. Try writing with any other app, such as "paint" if you still cannot get it working.