power & sleep

  1. J

    Sleep/Hibernate/is it on?..

    So I have a SP1, and an SP2 via work. I just bought a shiny new SP plus keyboard.. I find sometimes (every time?) if I have put it to sleep and i fold back the keyboard it auto-wakes? I dont see the power management settings on the keyboard device to not let it do power management as per...
  2. T

    Power Button defect? Hardware or Software?

    First post for me :) I'm new to the Surface universe so yesterday I bought a Surface Pro 128GB and was pretty happy to say the least. But......as the title suggests i'm having issues with the power button, so it seems. When I shut down the device or put it in sleep mode I need to push the...
  3. H

    Surface Book - Black screen after sleep mode

    Hello! Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing this problem. I have a surface book with the i5 processor without the NVIDIA graphics card option. I've been having a problem with the SB where the screen freezes after going into sleep mode. The screen stays black and the only thing that I...
  4. B

    Power & Sleep

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but my SB seems to turn itself on without my input. I can turn it completely off , shutting it down by the normal Windows method. Only to find it running when I remove it from its case. I'm using a Solo 13 inch case that fits perfectly even with...
  5. majorgearhead

    Solved Favor to ask of someone who just got a SP3 with Windows 10 preinstalled

    I am looking for someone who has recently purchased an SP3 that came with Windows 10 from the factory to go into Settings->System->Power & sleep and tell me if you see both a Screen and a Sleep section or just one or the other. Trying to determine if they optimized the image to remove the...