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Power Button defect? Hardware or Software?


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First post for me :)

I'm new to the Surface universe so yesterday I bought a Surface Pro 128GB and was pretty happy to say the least.

But......as the title suggests i'm having issues with the power button, so it seems.
When I shut down the device or put it in sleep mode I need to push the power button serveral times to get any respons, taking sometimes a really long time. I'm getting the hang of it but in my opinion it's no the way it should be, I hope.

I'm in a discussion with the previous owner to fix the problem, but I need to be sure this power button is the cause. I've read up on Google, Microsoft and this forum and it all seems to point to my original diagnoses, a faulty power button.

Can somebody conform my suspicion or offer a solution? To be honest i'm afraid to shut the device down..........:(

Not the way I imagined my first Surface.......

Thnx in advance for you reading my post :)


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I think that it is more to do with software than the power button. I frequently have this "issue" across 3 different model surface devices (s3, sp3, sp4). Sometimes I have to just press it once, other times it seems to want me to hold the power button down for a few seconds. I think it's a fairly common thing across many tablets though. I also have the same issue with two different Nexus tablets. Sometimes a click is enough, other times I've to hold it for 2 seconds.


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Thnx for your reply hughlle. A software issue? I'm clicking like crazy to get a response from that darn button. I'm thinking of learning morse so I know what i'm clicking :p

And even if this is a software thing there is no fix? :eek:


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I went digging and found this link:

Download Surface Pro from Official Microsoft Download Center

Long shot but could it help? This device was returned to clean install so yesterday I had to set up the entire thing.

I figured these drivers weren't part of the windows update?

Yeah I know i'm looking for conformation :p i'm new at this Surface world like I said, hope you guys and girls don't mind my newbee approach :D

Which should I install?


File Name:

Surface Pro\Surface Pro 1 - January 2015.zip

Surface Pro\SurfacePro_Win10_150723_0.zip

Surface Pro\Windows8.1-KB2969817-x64.msu

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As I say, sometimes it just takes a long press rather than a click and hey presto. I wish tablets would have a light which isntantly lights up to let you know it is poiwering up and you've done things right, like you would on, well, a normal computer!
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I think the creator update is the cause. My PS3 had hard time wake up from sleep. But I have never had problem with Anniversary update. Now still on AU.


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Got to say, I think this is hardware button. My original Pro power button acts funny and I've basically found the way to overcome it... press it really hard! And keep it held down for a second or two, so far it's been faultless like that.


I am new to the Surface Universe as well, having only had mine a couple of weeks, but I haven't had any of the oddities with the power switch as described by the OP. Mine works with a very light click each time. Being how the unit is new, I would probably seek an exchange.


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Thnx for the response everyone. :)

To be clear I own the first Surface Pro, so in relation to the update links, which link is it?
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