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    Surface Book battery problems

    My Surface Book is three years old, and still about the most powerful and capable machine I see wherever I go, so the fact that it started to get terrible battery service was a huge bummer. It started in the Summer of '19, but probably had been creeping into the scene for a while. Going back to...
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    Event 86 Kernel-Power Randomly shuts down Surface Book 2

    Everything was normal then I got an update and I started getting Attached and Ready To Detach messages when I see Event Viewer I got "Dtx failed to enumerate DGpu" I searched online for solution and solution was to be on latest updates for Windows and Surface Firmware. So I updated Windows to...
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    Surface pro 2017 pen inaccuracy issue

    I bought a Surface pro 2017 a few weeks ago and I realized that when my hand rests on the screen the pen is unstable and have weird inaccuracies i tried some tips and still nothing, anyone have a solution for this? the note taking this way is impossible
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    sound issue when casting surface to smart tv

    hi. i have a techwood smart tv and i'm having problems with the sound when I cast my surface wirelessly to it. when sound plays it makes a sort of monotone Crackle. A bit like static. This is a hit of an issue when l want to watch a film or listen to music. any suggestions?
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    Surface Dock Makes High Pitch Sound....

    When I have multiple USB ports being used... I haven't attempted a 2nd or third display, but just from an external HD (seagate 4TB slim portable) and a couple of other usb devices it makes this awful high pitch sound. It's almost not noticeable until you are right next to it, but now, when I'm...
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    SPro3 Charging problems!

    Here's the deal, My surface is less than a year old and my charger began getting faulty (or so i thought) it just didn't charge then did, then didnt until it completely went. I thought this was my surface, a driver problem of some sort in which i was sent a replacement but then to be told they...
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    Surface RT wont turn on.

    Hello guys, i have a surface rt that stopped working 1 month ago. The tablet dont turn one. Already tried all the steps outlined by the microsoft site Surface won’t turn on | Windows won’t start | Troubleshoot Surface battery. I live in Brazil and i cant take it to technical support as there...
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    SP3 deleting my handwriting in onenote :(

    I use my SP3 OneNote application for doing math for school and work but I am consistently having the problem of it deleting entire lines of work after I am done writing, sometimes 2 or 3 lines at a time! I have a feeling it has something to do with the cursor because I can see it blinking behind...
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    Minor changes

    I love my SP3, however windows 10 is ruining it for me. There are a few features that I miss from 8.1, if anyone knows of a way to incorporate these into 10 I'd appreciate the help. 1. I can no longer check the battery life or the time/date when I swipe from the right side of the screen to...