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Here's the deal,

My surface is less than a year old and my charger began getting faulty (or so i thought) it just didn't charge then did, then didnt until it completely went. I thought this was my surface, a driver problem of some sort in which i was sent a replacement but then to be told they found no fault with it and sent it back.

The same day i got it back i received an email asking if i had received my replacement so i dont actually know if it's my original device or not but when i got it back it was charging fine, light brighter than ever. Since then I only ever charged it once since receiving it back; it's been just over a week i haven't used my surface until (im using that very battery life now)

Since i was attempting to game on my surface pro i decided i should plug it in since the battery would drain quickly except it's not charging again!!!! :mad: I'm not happy, i love my surface and it's becoming infuriating paying £1000 and i cannot even use it. A replacement charger is a merely 65 bloody pound can you believe it? It's Christmas and i'm just not feeling that that expense is necessary at such time but then again i find that price extortionate in which i'm tempted to give my surface up indefinitely.

I'm gutted to be honest, sick sick of being let down after paying substantial amount of money.

Does anyone know what it could be? Is it my charger? Because i fail to see how when it's in extremely great condition... :(