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I love my SP3, however windows 10 is ruining it for me.

There are a few features that I miss from 8.1, if anyone knows of a way to incorporate these into 10 I'd appreciate the help.

1. I can no longer check the battery life or the time/date when I swipe from the right side of the screen to the left.

2. I can't split the screen between several apps/programs.

3. Swiping from the left side of the screen to the right no longer quickly switches between apps. It takes longer now.

4. When I open Firefox, it sometimes opens in full screen mode. If I don't have my keyboard attached I can't close the window or bring up the touchscreen keyboard to browse the web.

I know that some of these seem really petty but they were features that I found very appealing about the SP3 and now I can't use them. They were quick and easy but now it just seems that 10 wasn't really made with touchscreen in mind. I don't want to use tablet mode either.

If anyone has any help for this or knows of a post that already discusses these issues please let me know.
You can split screen on Tablet Mode.
Swiping is replaced by Task view which IMO is not as efficient as quick switch apps for tablet use.
I miss the immersive full screen that I get from 8 and its intuitive touch gestures.

Other than that 10 is okay, but still much less stable than 8. See my reliability monitor history: